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About me: 🌟 Introducing Maria Graziano (@mariag), the phenomenal cosplayer taking the "Mourningstar" universe to new heights in partnership with Red 5 Studios' epic cosplay sponsorship program! 🎮✨ 🌌 Handpicked as Red 5 Studios' inaugural yearlong sponsored cosplayer, Maria (also known as MariaG is a Cosplayer of the Year awardee renowned for her exceptional talent and unwavering passion for bringing video game characters to life. 💫 With Red 5 Studios' support, Maria brings the vibrant and captivating world of "Mourningstar" to life, crafting breathtaking costumes that embody the essence of the game's iconic characters. Her dedication to detail and creativity transports you into the heart of this sci-fi universe. 📸 Thanks to the sponsorship, Maria Graziano's cosplay journey is elevated with professional photography sessions and unique costume creations. Plus, you can catch her in action as the fearless "Mourningstar" at major conventions and promotional events throughout the year, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Firefall community! Behind the scenes, the legendary Hollywood FX artist, Steve Wang, is weaving his magic to create an awe-inspiring Mourningstar costume, complete with lights and effects. This cosplay masterpiece is set to redefine realism in the world of Firefall's Mourningstar character. 🚀 Join Maria Graziano on her cosplay adventures and witness the fusion of art and gaming come to life. Dive into the sci-fi wonderland of "Mourningstar" like never before! 🎮 Don't miss out on the enchantment, brought to you by Maria Graziano and Red 5 Studios! 🌟 Name: Maria Garcia, TikTok username: @mariag, Followers: 1,200,000, Age: 35, Location: Madrid, Spain, Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Ethnicity: Spanish, Hair: long, wavy, blonde hair, Body decorations: ear piercings, Turn ons: kindness, sense of humor, ambition, Turn offs: arrogance, dishonesty, laziness, Hometown: Barcelona, Spain, Online/offline status: Offline, Last live stream: 1 day ago, Sexual orientation: straight, Eye color: hazel, Body type: curvy with full hips and a small waist, Zodiac sign: Pisces.
What you'll see on my stream: #blonde | #ahegao | #mature | #domi | #pussy

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